24 in 48: Update

Well… I’ve clocked 16.5 hours of ‘reading time’ since midnight Friday… and have read three – Adult – titles which have been sitting on my pile waiting to be read:

The other book I still have on my pile is A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult – it’s been waiting since I saw her at the TPL Appel Salon back in November

  • If you were not at the Appel Salon that night – and I didn’t see anyone I know who would be reading this blog posting at the event – you absolutely need to watch the video of the interview… and then read the book… and then we can compare notes!
  • I’d love to get going on it, but I have to admit – even though I could probably finish it by midnight and get myself up to 21.5 hours – I can’t read anymore right now.
  • My eyes aren’t what they used to be… they, and my brain, are tired.

It was so delightful to just sit and read – basically uninterrupted – and without having to take notes – as I have to do for the selection committee I sit on.

  • I couldn’t have done it without my husband basically taking over all household duties for the duration.  He kept me fed and watered for the duration. Thanks sweetiepie!

Check out everything people read at the 24in48 Reading Marathon website.

  • Join me in July for the next one??

Did anyone else read anything this weekend?  Do share…


24 in 48

Not sure what to do this weekend?

As the bottom prepares to fall out of the thermometre there’s no better time to consider curling up with a hot cup of tea or mug of hot cocoa… and take part in a reading marathon.

It’s simple!  Read for 24 hours out of the 48 hours this weekend.

Happy reading.

Massey Lecture 2018: Field Trip

We’re going on a field trip!!  To the 2018 Massey Lecture… which will be given by investigative journalist, and 2017-18 Atkinson Fellow in Public Policy, Tanya Talaga.

We have purchased a block of tickets… and have one remaining available.

Want to join us?

Join us at our Labour Day weekend get-together (Sunday September 2nd from 11am to 1pm) to discuss Seven Fallen Feathers – our pre-cursor to attending the Massey Lecture… and to join us on our field trip.


2016 Bass Lake Book Club Round Up

The 2016 inaugural season of the Bass Lake Book Club has come to a close…  sort of!

This year we read our way through 4 books:

New members are always welcome. 

We will continue to talk about books – virtually – over the winter.  Those of us who are able to plan to get together to talk about books again over the Easter 2017 long weekend.

If you are in Toronto and are interested in joining us on a “field trip”…  Some of us are attending the International Festival of Authors together – and going out for dinner afterwards – on Friday October 28th.

  • We are attending the session titled Tales of Truth (@ 6:30pm). 
  • This session features the author of one of the books we read – Madeleine Thien, whose book has been nominated for 3 major Literary Awards this fall.
  • This session also features debut author Alexandra Risen – a friend of a member of our group – whose recently released memoir, Unearthed, has been receiving high praise all round.