Bass Lake Book Club

Inaugurated in May 2016, the Bass Lake Book Club provides an opportunity for avid readers to get together with a group of like minded – and fun loving – folks to talk about books… and so much more!

We meet 5 times a year on the Sunday of each long weekend from May to October for good food, good wine, good cheer and great conversation.

Summer 2017 Dates

  • Sunday May 21st
  • Sunday July 2nd
  • Sunday August 6th (changed to Monday August 7th on account of the weather)
  • Sunday September 3rd
  • Sunday October 8th

Summer 2018 (Proposed Dates)

  • Sunday May 20th
  • Sunday July 1st
  • Sunday August 5th
  • Sunday September 2nd
  • Sunday October 7th

Book Selections

At the close of each meeting, we discuss what we’d like to read next, put together a shortlist, then vote on our picks.  Unless of course something comes up in the conversation that everyone is excited about reading.

This typically leaves us with up to 3 weeks to purchase the title and read the book before our next meeting.

All of the shortlists we’ve worked from to date may be found in the Blog Archives on the right hand side of the page.

  • Use the ‘Categories’ drop down menu to find a particular date.

Follow the blog postings – organised by date under “Categories’ – to keep up with our books and conversations.



New members are always welcome.  Feel free to join our e-mail group and follow along with our book picks, even if you can’t commit to join us at any or all of our meetings.

Fill out this Google Form.  We’ll be in touch.